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Thread: KunTao Silat & Maempo Chicago - Indiana March 28 & 29

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    Default KunTao Silat & Maempo Chicago - Indiana March 28 & 29

    Guru Sam Clark of Maempo Chicago and Guru 'Mas' Judt from Studio Garuda will be teaching a two-day intensive Kuntao & Silat seminar March 28 & 29 in Munster Indiana.

    Much like our picnic last summer, we'll be going deep into one subject - and
    teaching it from our individual perspectives, then bring those perspectives together into one very useful toolkit.

    Our subject will be 'Fighting Footwork in a Bladed Environment' - included will be skills from Studio Garuda (KunTao Silat) and Maempo Chicago (Harimau, Cimande, Pangian Lankha Empat, Capoeria).

    The class will not be a 'bombard you with a mess of stuff' event, but rather a highly organized snapshot of these highly effective training methods that can immediately add some useful exotic skills to your training.

    Please sign up in advance, as space is limited. Hotel information will be
    supplied to all out-of-towners who sign up.

    The event will be held at:
    Modern Day Martial Arts Academy
    9462 Calumet Ave
    Munster Indiana

    (Just across the border from Chicago)
    For location, times and fees, please go to and click on the link for seminars.

    Guru Sam Clark is well known in the SEAsian martial arts community in Chicago, teaching a highly practical interpretation of the exotic West Javanese styles.

    Guru Mas Judt is the senior student of Sigung Steve Gartin in American KunTao Silat and represents KunTao Silat DeThouars in Chicago. He holds certification in several additional methods, most notably Chan Chiao (Combat Shuai Chiao).

    This will be a fun, engaging, ego-free event for folks who like their martial arts cooked up spicy and practical. All are welcome, and if you can't walk away without at least one new useful idea, I'll personally refund your money.

    Questions? Just call me @ 773-439-9828


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    I received a PM asking me a few questions, and I thought I'd answer here:

    Q. Is This the 'fighting footwork' taught by Bob Orlando?

    A. No. It is a different subject. We will draw on some of the Monkey Foot skills, but even those, as taught to me by my teachers is different from what I've seen from Mr. Orlando. So, it is in fact a different thing. My bad for choosing the same words inadvertently.

    Originally, I wasn't going to touch on the Monkey Foot skills (The stuff Mr. Orlando's tapes are loosely based on), but Guru Sam asked me to include some - so a little bit of that will be in the program. We are working together to create a nice little training module that flows from what each of us show - it will a cohesive whole rather than separate bits and pieces, which should make the seminar more useful to folks who don't focus on this stuff and supply a really cool gap analysis for those who do.

    Also - this is a no-politics zone. It is not about this or that or who's stick is bigger. It's about training, fellowship and sharing.

    Peace and hope to see some of you there.

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