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Thread: Pekiti -Tirsia Specialists Update

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    Default Pekiti -Tirsia Specialists Update

    The Asia-Pacific Confederation of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
    Systems , Inc. expose the few instructors that lead
    the way to make Pekiti-Tirsia Kali a growing system.
    Under the management leadership of Agalon Jay
    Bataclan and Mandala Jasper De Ocampo, G. P. Aguilar,
    Pekiti-Tirsia Kali continues to grow unexpectedly by the
    thousands by the next 2008 to 20010.

    Pekiti-Tirsia Specialists:

    Pekiti-Tirsia Kali as a System differentiates from
    other FMA styles. It is an Institution of Higher
    Learning that offers a real Masteral, a degree that
    leads to real Authority equivalent to Doctoral Degree.

    It is system based on the ancient school of thought
    provoking process where the degree of analysis is
    required that leads to accurate comparative analysis
    in all aspects of edged weapon technology,

    Pekiti-Tirsia presents a system of specialization from
    the begining of inception turning it into progressive
    process unknowingly the student accelerates to more
    substantial structure that leads to combativeness,

    Before going into the specialist of the Pekiti-Tirsia

    Mandala Tuhon Philip Gelinas has reached his point of
    no return that for the past 30 years close to 40, his
    increased knowledged in all aspects of combatancy, the
    art of weaponry Pekiti-Tirsia made him undefeated
    Champion since 1988. An accumulated knowledge put him
    to work in actual specialization. His 64 attacks to
    Seguidas to contradas works like Magic that his
    victory was his simplicity in using the double force
    two hand thrust and thrust that stop his opponent
    giving Philip the way to victory.

    Mandala Philip is a typical example what common sense
    fighter meant to his career, a dignified reference
    what a disciplined specialist can do in time of
    crisis. His sacrificial spirit is beyond comparison.
    today Philip stand as a status symbol of what a true
    martial artist meant to the modern world of martial
    arts and what it meant for success.

    The succes of one is the success of all in
    Pekiti-Tirsia. Mandala Michael Franciotti from San
    Francisco had spent his years of hard labor and hard
    training parallel to Mandala Tuhon Philip Gelinas.
    Today Mike Stand strong as a 30 year old man with 50
    year old wisdom. His teaching of the 64 attacks to
    Seguidas and contradas is very much alive and did a
    great work for his students in San Fran.

    Specialization A:

    All of the basic of 64 attacks and all of the basic of
    the breakdown of Thrust and Tapping, Break In break
    out, Basic five attacks , seven attacks to Clock
    system moving along the continuity to Sequidas to
    Contradas and Recontras. All leads to distance
    sparring and later converted to full contact stick
    fight.There are inserts along the way Knife unarmed
    Tapping and Blade and Dagga,locks and technical throws
    unarmed combat and armed combat as basic training.
    The footwork strategy and handiwork with the weapon
    are the most important process for Specialization with

    Specialization B,

    The Doce Methodos are the foundation structure that
    requires a mastery that made Mandala Timothy Waid an
    authority spending his time in the Philippines for 4
    years under the assistance of Mandala Rommel Tortal
    under my personal active instruction.

    Doce Methodos is a unique sturcture compatible to any
    modes of attacks using the Diagonal V and Reverse V
    it is a reverse combat engineering that Mandala Tim
    Waid has mastered. It is applicable in full contact
    without headgear more effective in destroying the
    weapon hands feet as well.

    Doce Methodos is an advanced method taught by Agalon
    Gabriel Martinez in his School in San Antonio , Texas
    where the emphasis of combat fitness is a major
    foundation that leads to perfect coordination for
    combative application. Agalon Martinez is applying the
    Tri-V Formula a working methology with Doce Methodos.

    Specialization: C

    Contra Tirsia Dubla Doz a unique methodology that
    Mandala Rommel Tortal has mastered for the last 15
    years reserve a his fighting asset for long range to
    medium range to close quarter note. He keep for
    emergencies that is not taught to anyone. the basic
    ingredients was taught at the Subic Centennial Camp
    Training attended by Mandala Tuhon Philipp Gelinas,
    Loki Jorgenson, Marc Denny , Barry Danielson, and
    others attended by the first Force Recon Marines under
    General Natalio Ecarma, Commanding General of the
    Marine Brigade in Mindanao with 8 combat Battalions
    under this command. Now had advanced into the TRi-V
    Formula and the Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat,
    Edged Impact Weapon Control Dynamics, Edged Impact
    Weapon Survival Tactics.His instructional skill in
    molding the Philippine Marines Corps more with the
    start of the Force Recon Marines made Mandala Rommel
    Tortal popular among the Philippine National Police
    when he trained the Special Action force Commandos

    Specialization D

    Mandala Uli Weidle for the past 15 years of hard labor
    in coming to the Philippines earned the hard way in
    Mastering the In-depth technology in teaching the
    rudiments of the system analytical structures in part
    and whole was able to breakdown the Basic Advanced
    method to Advanced mastery with combination of the
    TRi-V Formula to the Capsula Methodica and the Mastery
    of the Dagaso Tirsia for Single knife and the Qol
    Demama Dagga. The combined structures applicable to
    full contact stick fighting to full contact knife
    figting were employed by his in Europe by calling an
    open challenge to any style in Europe.The inclusion of
    Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat leads to the
    Austrian Cobra Commnandos to include the Pekiti-Tirsia
    program as a curriculum for intensive training.

    Specializaiton E

    Mandala Douglas Marcaida whose effort to keep pace
    with the time essential to his identity as a true full
    bloodied filipino was able to keep up in all aspects
    of the technology including the Contra Tirsia Dubla
    Doz ,TRi-Formula that will lead to Capsula Methodica.
    The full utilization of the Advanced Basic to the
    Masteral Advanced kept Mandala Douglas Marcaida as
    continuing education for his advanced students that
    utilizing the technology for Law enforcement programs
    ion Upstate New York and in the New York State came
    out very productive.

    To mention the few in the next issue, each
    Pekiti-Tirsia students who touches the technology
    continued to pursue the real mastery with little
    understanding of the mystery of Pekiti-Tirsia.Those
    that will be mentioned are instructors struggling ones
    who wants to keep up with the specialist.

    Comes in the order of struggling Pekiti-Tirsia
    dedicated Instructor of Pekiti-Tirsia Leslie Buck ,
    Jr. of Austin Texas joined hand-in-hand with Guro
    Erwin Ballarta of the DPS-TExas Academy made his way
    to be a major player in the development of the
    technology by holding camp training on a yearly

    Structure framed as Advanced technology under the

    Tri -V formula is the construction process where all
    the basic elements of the 64 attacks and the Seguidas
    to Contradas are working as a fiber that connects the
    functionability , operability and non-counterability
    of the system in action.

    Added is the footwork advance structure design to
    increase the accuracy and precision in hitting the
    target. From the distance of long range to medium
    range to close quarter.

    Weapons loading structure are given an importance from
    top load down to high load to shoulder load to medium
    load to download. From the loading position estimate
    of the situation is classified on what angle of attack
    is conducive at the particular positioning .

    All the structures of the TRi-V Formula to Capsula
    Methodica to Lima-Lima Mayor and the Pekadum Trigo can
    be perfected in few more years..

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    Grand Tuhon,

    You humble me with your kind words.

    Philip Gelinas
    Mandala Tuhon
    Pekiti Tirsia

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